• Desert island lunch

    cauliflower pasta reel

    That’s my desert island lunch. Is that even a thing? I don’t know! Well, now it is. I took some pictures of one of mylunches and made a reel of them.

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  • Cauliflower Pasta

    cauliflower pasta lunch 7

    This cauliflower pasta reminded him of the family meals served to the employees. “It’s a simple vegetable pasta, the kind of thing that we served to each other,” he said.

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  • BBQ Season 2022 Has Begun


    For the first barbecue of the season, we grilled a nice skirt steak and a bunch of fat asparagus.

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  • Cheating Guacamole


    Do you ever find yourself craving guacamole but lacking the ingredients, know-how, or time to make some? Friend, fret no longer for the answer is here, and it’s called Cheating Guacamole! It’s he best thing to happen to food since the invention of the salad! Barely a recipe, it’s the simplest and best thing ever.

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  • Lunch with Marc Maron

    marc maron post

    The phone buzzed some more. I searched the social networks and soon found out. Marc Maron had posted about Hoppin Hot Sauce on Instagram.

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  • Supply Chain Precipitates Great Hoppin Hot Sauce Shortage Of 2022

    Hoppin Hot Sauce Fountain

    Things are starting to get moving again, and we’ll have a new batch of sauce this year. But, before that..

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  • On the ‘Zon

    amazon hot sauce team

    Hoppin Hot Sauce is available on Amazon Prime.

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