The Story Of Hoppin Hot Sauce


Gather ’round..

Hoppin Hot Sauce began in 2016 but the inspiration gathered together long before.. gather ’round and hear the Story of Hoppin Hot Sauce.

The Hoppin Hot Sauce Story

The Story Of Hoppin Hot Sauce

  • 1970s- California Cuisine: Alice Waters starts a food movement based on fresh ingredients and creates “California Cuisine.” I’m raised on the stuff.
  • 1995- Celia’s Visit: My friend Celia comes to visit for holidays from Mexico City. She brings tamales, a traditional Mexican Xmas food and introduces me to the puya pepper.
  • 2014- Grandpa’s Meyer Lemons: My grandfather has a Meyer lemon tree in his backyard. I get fresh lemons. (Meyer lemons were made popular by Alice Waters) They contain the same chemical found in the herb thyme.
  • 2015- Party Time: I start bringing my homemade sauce to dinner parties and BBQs. After perfecting the ingredients, I create batches to share with friends.
  • 2016- The Big Time: I start selling my sauce to local restaurants in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.
  • 2018- XX Launches: Officially on the shelves in grocery stores. New! XX for extra kick.

This is part of the Hoppin Hot Sauce inception story that you can find from the About page