Eat Hoppin Hot Sauce And Be Happy

Made from chile peppers, Meyer lemons, & our extremely pleasant spice blend

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The Story of Hoppin Hot Sauce

Hoppin Hot sauce tastes good on everything because everything is one thing

Pot of hot sauce on the flame
Plate of eggs with Hoppin Hot Sauce, tortillas, beans, and cheese

Artisanal hot sauce from California cooked by hand in small batches

Add a little Hoppin Hot Sauce and make everything you eat taste good

We make Hoppin Hot Sauce to make simple food taste better.  Put it on cheese sandwiches, fried eggs, or roast chicken to take them from the everyday into something special.

Try eating barbecue with Hoppin Hot Sauce, which contains smoked peppers

Our sauce is made with smoked peppers, which lend the sauce their smoky flavor, making it a natural accompaniment to American BBQ and other smoked foods.  The combination tastes great.

Hoppin Hot Sauce is made from ingredients that are grown in California

We use Meyer Lemons, grown in California, to bring a delicious herbaceous flavor to the sauce.  Our garlic is grown in Gilroy, California, “Garlic Capital of the World”.

The exact right amount of heat

Don’t get crept on…

Hoppin Hot Sauce is a creeper. It is not the type of sauce that makes your tongue numb upon first contact and steam shoot from your ears, extreme pain burn-your-face-off. You might think that it is not very hot. And then it will creep on you. And you will have to sit back off of it for a minute. You will have been crept on! But you will get back in it. Because it tastes good.

Hoppin Hot Sauce Makes Everything Taste Better

avocado turkey sandwich

Simple food tastes even better with Hoppin Hot Sauce

In our family, we like to eat simple food – roast chicken and avocado, noodles pasta and ramen, carnitas and beans, fried rice.  Stuff like that.  Sometimes we want to dress it up a little.  Could we elevate simple food and make it taste great? 

Enter Hoppin Hot Sauce.

Creator of Hoppin Hot Sauce

Head cook

Hot Sauce Life

Hoppin Hot Sauce was created by me, John Hoppin, in Brooklyn, NY and San Jose, CA between 2011 and 2016.

As a kid I loved to cook and I have been cooking with my family  Since I can remember. My summer job was cooking pizza, and from there I worked at restaurants and markets through college, and eventually found my way to Brooklyn where I worked on the other side of the wall as an ingredient salesman and restaurant industry analyst.

Working on whatever borrowed kitchen gear I could find, moving cross-country, and having two kids, I kept on cooking up batches of hot sauce the whole way.

What’s The Matter With Me?

I’m proud to say that Hoppin Hot Sauce is owned and operated by a disabled person.  I have multiple sclerosis, and my disability adds a special set of complications to my business.

I started making the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast to give myself some support and to raise my consciousness as a disabled person, husband, father, business owner, radio DJ, and podcaster.  New episodes are posted to Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and