What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast

What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast
portrait of john hoppin

My name is John, I’m 42 years old, husband, father, owner of Hoppin Hot Sauce, KFJC radio DJ, podcaster and I have multiple sclerosis (MS). I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast mission statement

I created the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast to give myself a support mechanism to deal with the pressure of having multiple sclerosis, becoming a father, and embarking on a business venture. Episodes are released weekly and run about thirty minutes.

Last Five Episodes

  • I have ADA grab bars in my shower but originalIy I didn't want them. They are big and ugly, but they save my butt all the time.
  • A reporter for KCBS News reached out and interviewed me about supply chain, multiple sclerosis, and Hoppin Hot Sauce.
  • I made the paper! “(He) has multiple sclerosis which he says makes it difficult to work in a kitchen environment. ‘But that didn’t stop me from cooking,’ Hoppin said.”
  • In this episode, "Bullies and Botox," my son is getting bullied and I had Botox. Plus, the Sam Kinison Auto Parts Jingle
  • I'm imagining a person dressed in head-to-toe Why Be Normal? gear- fanny pack, sweatpants, sweatshirt, hot tote bag, flip-flops and sunglasses.
This is part of the Hoppin Hot Sauce Inception story which you can read from the About page.