Supply Chain Precipitates Great Hoppin Hot Sauce Shortage Of 2022

Hoppin Hot Sauce Fountain

Supply Chain Madness

Supply Chain Precipitates Great Hot Sauce Shortage Of 2022

Check out our store on Amazon and you’ll see that Original Flavor is currently out of stock, and at the moment the only flavor available is Extra Hot. It’s due to the same supply-chain issues that everyone is having, the ones they talk about in the newspaper. The good news is that things are starting to get moving again, and we’ll have a new batch of sauce this year. But, before that..

We Will Be Out

This means that by the end of March, Hoppin Hot Sauce will be out of stock on all channels due inevitable circumstances that could not be avoided.
I strongly encourage you to head over to the store and stock up to avoid running out of the best sauce in the world.

Wild Parties

New inventory will be available in a few months and at that time we’ll host wild parties with hot sauce fountains and orbs of hot sauce that violate the picture codes and get shut down by the authorities. But until then..

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