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Telephone Wouldn’t Stop Ringing

(Hoppin Hot Sauce) is the BEST hot sauce I’ve ever had and I’ve been around a while.

Marc Maron

Buzzed at lunch

Actually, the phone never rang; it just vibrated and vibrated, and wouldn’t stop. For no reason, I set it up to buzz every time I got an order, which hadn’t been that often since I was still new to selling on the internet. In the past I sold to restaurants and grocery stores in the San Francisco bay area. only a few months before, I had set up my e-commerce store. Confused, I turned to my wife and told her that something had happened, and that I wasn’t sure what, but, something had happened.
The phone buzzed some more. Searching the social networks, I soon found out. Marc Maron had posted about Hoppin Hot Sauce on Instagram.

@marcmaron: I haven’t been here much because I’m sad but I needed to do this. @brianrjones gifted me some of this @hoppinhotsauce and it is the BEST hot sauce I’ve ever had and I’ve been around a while. It’s one of the few things bringing me some happiness right now. I’ve gifted it to two people already. No paid plug. Just excitement. Thought I’d share.


Mister Jones and me

Brian R. Jones is a ceramicist who makes WTF Mugs, we went to art school together in the 90s and I re-connected with him recently. The 90s are back- good looking out Brian!

Always send a note

I wrote Marc Maron a thank-you note using my red pen, which is reserved for official hot sauce business only. It can look of like getting a lot of comments on your English paper. I have bad handwriting. I hope it didn’t come off too nuts.

Dear Mr. Maron, Thank you for posting about Hoppin Hot Sauce,” it began. “You really helped me a lot.” It’s true- I bow down and pay homage!

A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.

J. R. R. Tolkien

We received so many orders that bringing all hands on deck sped things up and still it took a week to ship out everything. As a result, we ran up a big USPS bill. It’s just fine because of all the orders. Big shout out to Rosy the mail carrier. We moved up in the world and they issued us some postal bins.


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