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  • Marinated Spicy Chicken Thighs Recipe

    Marinated Spicy Chicken Thighs Recipe

    Warm up the grill with these delicious Marinated Spicy Chicken Thighs. Soaked in yogurt, salt and Hoppin Hot Sauce, they deliver maximal flavor with minimal effort.

  • Blot


    Field study on a blot of sauce in the part of the morning when long light bathes the table.

  • Easy Hoppin Hot Sauce Chili Recipe

    Easy Hoppin Hot Sauce Chili Recipe

    Try this easy Hoppin Hot Sauce Chili which has lots of garnishes so everybody can make it just how they like.

  • On pasta

    On pasta

    Shared with loved ones or savored in solitude, leftover vegetable pasta with Hoppin Hot Sauce is an everyday celebration.

  • At Breakfast

    At Breakfast

    Live your best life with gooey, craggy eggs sunny side up on English muffin with a generous drizzling of Hoppin Hot Sauce.

  • Spicy Roasted Pistachio Nuts Recipe

    Spicy Roasted Pistachio Nuts Recipe

    These aren’t the run-of-the-mill kind. We’ve cranked the flavor dial to eleven with Extra Hot Hoppin Hot Sauce, cumin seeds, the umami bomb aji no moto, and trusty-ol’ salt. You’ll go ..NUTS?

  • Nacho Ordinary Dip

    Nacho Ordinary Dip

    The nachos at the 80s mini-golf snack bar were made up of tortilla chips, cheese sauce and pickled jalapenos. That’s it! Looking back, they were the best thing up on the menu.

  • Desert island lunch

    Desert island lunch

    That’s my desert island lunch. Is that even a thing? I don’t know! Well, now it is. I took some pictures of one of mylunches and made a reel of them.

  • Cheating Guacamole

    Cheating Guacamole

    Do you ever find yourself craving guacamole but lacking the ingredients, know-how, or time to make some? Friend, fret no longer for the answer is here, and it’s called Cheating Guacamole! It’s he best thing to happen to food since the invention of the salad! Barely a recipe, it’s the simplest and best thing ever.

  • Lunch with Marc Maron

    Lunch with Marc Maron

    The phone buzzed some more. I searched the social networks and soon found out. Marc Maron had posted about Hoppin Hot Sauce on Instagram.